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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Style Is Established

I wanted to take the time to elaborate on the first and last words that create the acronym S.I.A.M.E.S.E. The definition of the words Style and Established can sometimes be confused or mistaken. Well here's a moment of clarity.

Let's start with Style. Style: The combination of distinctive features of literary or in this case artistic expression, execution, or performance characterizing a particular person, group, or era. Style can also be a particular fashion. SIAMESE brings to you the epitome of artistic expression, it's not only clothing, it's art. Execution, we execute our designs with great precision and care, bringing them to you with nothing but the best materials used to create each shirt. Performance, the performance is up to us to make sure each shirt is absolutely flawless for your satisfaction. SIAMESE is not only a clothing line, it is us, the creators, a group, a group of fashion loving, apparel admiring misfits who try not to just fit in but to stand out. An era, the new era of clothing, we try our best to revolutionize the new "look" and also want to reach out to everyone no matter their sense of fashion.

Establish: To set up, found, to bring about, or generate. We aim to make it known that since fashion has become popular, it has been a necessity in the lives of many and we want to prove that every and anyone can be "stylish". Believe it or not, fashion has been around for thousands of years. The fashion designers who are so popular today didn't come into play until the 1850's. Prior to then, all clothing was hand knitted in the homes of the people who wore them. Yes, of course those who had the most flashy clothing were those of nobility, queens, kings, princess',princes. Where was their clothing made exactly? It was hand sown by designers and dressmakers of that time. The point we are trying to get across is style has been around forever, it wasn't founded by one person. But, instead it is an era, something that has transition throughout the ages to meet the new findings and technology of that time.

In conclusion, with SIAMESE we strive to show everyone the many transitions that fashion has undertaken. At the same time we strive to create the new age of style and fashion. So we welcome you to the beginning of the new age, the expression and execution of new fashion, we welcome you to our establishment, we welcome you to SIAMESE and like the name we shall prove Style Is A Must Ever Since Established.

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