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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Late Night At Best Buy

One night walking around Soho we decided to stop at the best buy near union as we walk around look at endless electronics we stumble upon "THE HOLY GRAIL OF TELEVISIONS". the Samsung 9000 series this TV is the thinnest we have ever seen. It is thinner than an iPhone 4(yes we compared -__- lol). We can see this as the TV that sets precedents for all future TVs. And yes notice there is NO BACK ON THE TV LIKE OTHERS WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU GET! stop by the local best buy and check it out. You'll be speechless like us.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

S.S.O.L. 3: Sobrino House / A4estudio

Architects: A4estudio (Leonardo Codina & Juan Manuel Filice)
Location: Mendoza, Argentina

In this week's edition we bring you a house that gives off pure elegance but a nice touch of imagination. At first glance I was thinking wow are they really showcasing an apartment building and then I saw the rest of the house. Shock set in because researching the house that from the start the original task at hand was to make this a home but also an office. Now we all know bringing the workplace to a home is definitely a challenge. The house is more homey than an office but you can see where they put in little hints of "business architecture" (e.g all the glass windows that are floor to ceiling everywhere, the outside staircases etc...) making the house a very versatile but still a home.


Now KAWS has officially out done himself with this one. In my eyes this piece can be compared to Anubis statues from "Ancient Egypt" but for the modern society. If they were wielding axe's or spears I would definitely like to have the statues on guard or by my thrones.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Finally Famous Vol 3!!!

Finally a trailer for the much anticipated mixtape from rapper Big Sean. Finally Famous Vol. 3 was supposed to drop in February but I guess that didnt go as planned. With the time he took to complete this mixtape I expect nothing less than greatness. There have been many amazing mixtapes this year and I expect Big Sean's to join that list. This will definitely be a GOOD year.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

S.I.A.M.E.S.E. Syle Of Living

In this week's edition of s.s.o.l(s.i.a.m.e.s.e. style of living) we would like to show you a environment friendly home. The Iseami house is located in Playa Carate, Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica which would be another perfect island get away for a green person or whom ever need a vacation. Robles Arquitectos are the minds behind this tropical paradise. It's filled with green technology the house is isolated from the rest of society it has no access to public power, sanitation, or water. The house uses water from the forest and it also acts as a power source. The home uses solar panels for power & other panels to heat water. This is the perfect green house your still splurging on a mansion but are also mindful of the environment.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video painting or painted video?

Lol either way its still something outlandish and diverse from Mr. West. Makes me wonder what type of visions he has because if this was one of them I'm at a loss of words. Lets not forget about that chain either.... Broken neck anyone. Nun the less another thing that Kayne touches that has blown up. Till this very day I doubt anyone in rap the street or any place has ever seen a chain of that amplitude. Dealing with all he has gone through and is still true to himself and makeing GOOD MUSIC = POWER to me.

Now a lot of ppl might not understand the video but it actually fits perfect with the lyrics of the song. "No one man can have all that power". As you can see Kanye is portraying himself as a king, a god, or a ruler, a man with power. He is being betrayed by his people and dethroned. You can relate this to his career filled with controversy, as the media has bashed him and a lot of fans turned their backs on Kanye so he is comparing his career to the reign of a fallen king. I believe he has stated that this begins the birth of a new Kanye an immortal being hence the halo.



This is one very interesting peice of art work definitely a statue I can see in Yeezy'z house. The fact that Francesco de Molfetta(artist behind the sculpture) took the time to transform a "Biblical" object into a modernized sculpture which can fit into any christian hypebeast or Louis Vuitton enthusiast lifestyle. Now that's what I call being a preeminent artist.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I need to get me one of these to get around the city..

Hitch girl in Sex Tape!! O_O

50 says he sorry Fat Joe

Monday, August 2, 2010

Air Max Burger

I honestly dont know if I should be impressed by the fact that someone could make a sneaker out of a burger or gag because this is def a heart attack on a bun LOL. Looks 3x worst than the KFC Double Down

S.I.A.M.E.S.E Style Of Living

Back with another post this time around we're going to show you what we feel is the type of home life we plan to achieve. This is a WATER lovers paradise(pointing to myself). The architecture on the house is flawless nothin but clean and smooth lines. This dream house could be classified as the perfect winter escape for the days where you feel your tired of cold snow coats etc.. and would prefer the sun on your own island to relax. Just wanted to share our visions with our SIAMESEFAM



Along with the other post I too agree that J.Cole is better when it comes to LYRICS . If you think drake can do better than this YOU MY FRIEND HAVE FALLEN OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING AND LOST YOUR MIND LOL. Although you can't deny the fact that Drake is the better "mainstream" artist you can agree that if there was no stardom and just two people in a rap battle we all know who the victor is.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

SIAMESE NYC @ Think Good Thoughts BBQ

Here is a video from the Think Good Thoughts BBQ on July 30th. It was fun shout out to everyone involved I also want to thank Eustace for the opportunity.

-Kyle S.

J. Cole Vs. Drake

Now I'm sure everyone who is a true fan of hip hop has all heard the argument over J. Cole and Drake. Who's better? Who's more talented? Who will be more successful? I honestly think J. Cole is a better lyricist/ rapper and also remember he makes some of his own beats as well. When it comes to mainstream Drake will win every time. Drake lacks flow, but has a great delivery, while J. Cole's flow and art of story telling is impeccable and undeniable. Take a look at this blog post I believe this sums it up pretty nicely, I couldnt have said it better myself.