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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

S.S.O.L. 3: Sobrino House / A4estudio

Architects: A4estudio (Leonardo Codina & Juan Manuel Filice)
Location: Mendoza, Argentina

In this week's edition we bring you a house that gives off pure elegance but a nice touch of imagination. At first glance I was thinking wow are they really showcasing an apartment building and then I saw the rest of the house. Shock set in because researching the house that from the start the original task at hand was to make this a home but also an office. Now we all know bringing the workplace to a home is definitely a challenge. The house is more homey than an office but you can see where they put in little hints of "business architecture" (e.g all the glass windows that are floor to ceiling everywhere, the outside staircases etc...) making the house a very versatile but still a home.

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