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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Video painting or painted video?

Lol either way its still something outlandish and diverse from Mr. West. Makes me wonder what type of visions he has because if this was one of them I'm at a loss of words. Lets not forget about that chain either.... Broken neck anyone. Nun the less another thing that Kayne touches that has blown up. Till this very day I doubt anyone in rap the street or any place has ever seen a chain of that amplitude. Dealing with all he has gone through and is still true to himself and makeing GOOD MUSIC = POWER to me.

Now a lot of ppl might not understand the video but it actually fits perfect with the lyrics of the song. "No one man can have all that power". As you can see Kanye is portraying himself as a king, a god, or a ruler, a man with power. He is being betrayed by his people and dethroned. You can relate this to his career filled with controversy, as the media has bashed him and a lot of fans turned their backs on Kanye so he is comparing his career to the reign of a fallen king. I believe he has stated that this begins the birth of a new Kanye an immortal being hence the halo.


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